West Country Canoes

            Handcrafted Cedar Canvas Canoes

                        Larry Bowers, proprietor  Toll free 1-800-446-1588      Local 403-746-0079

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At West Country Canoes we do a wide variety of repairs and restorations. From very simple repairs to complete restorations involving interior stripping and complete rebuilds.  Larry has worked on many different canoes; Chestnut , Peterborough , Faber , Greenwood , Oldtown , Huron , Tremblay , Langford , and some that did not have names.






We do our very best to bring your canoe back to  a condition of  splendor to last for further years and generations.  This does take time and effort, and no two canoes are alike, each  with there own individual needs to be repaired.  We do have some base prices such as recanvas work, but extra work or specialty repairs must be seen to be fully quoted on. Price estimates are given when your canoe is dropped off at our shop; prices are subject to change once the canoe has been inspected fully and the true condition is determined.  All repairs and additional pricing  must be approved by the client.