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West Country Canoes has a wide variety of materials for the do it yourself repairs and restoration. We can supply any item you would need to build a canoe or restore your own canoe from brass tacks to canvas. Below is a list of the most common items in the canoe business.  Instructions are included when purchasing canvas and filler for stretching, filler application and finishing.


Yellow Cedar Rough BFT. $6.00

Ribs (milled to sample provided) each. $15.00

Rib Blanks (5/16  x2 1/2") each $6.00

Planking (milled to 3" wide) LFT. $3.00

Planking (milled to sample special widths) LFT. $4.00

Outwales (Ash) pair. $150.00

Inwales (Ash) pair. $110.00

Complete Set $250.00

Keel Stock LFT. $2.50

Brass Canoe Tacks (100 to the oz.) lb. $60.00

3/4" Bronze Ring Nails (50 to the oz.) lb. $55.00

#8x11/2" SS Screws C. $20.00

#8x1 1/2" Brass Screws C. $30.00

1/2" Stainless Steel Staples C. $2.50

Canvas #8/18 oz. ( 60" width) yd. $24.00

Canvas #10/15 oz. (60" width) yd. $18.00

Canvas 10 oz. Army Duck Ultra fine weave (60" width) yd. $16.00

Canvas Filler (Industrial latex based) gal. $95.00

Canvas Filler (traditional silica based) gal. $95.00

Sika Flex Marine Sealant tube. $25.00

Brass Stem Banding (3/8" wide 4ft lengths)  $30.00 each 

#4 x 3/4" Brass screws included with banding

Bronze carriage bolts for seats 10-24X4" long $3.50 each

Hand Caned seats $350.00 per set

Chestnut Style Caned seats $280.00 per set


If there items you do not see on the list we would be more than happy to get them for you.

All prices subject to change.